Weekly Program Schedule

Locally Produced Programs

Here are some of the locally produced programs aired on WPBV Catholic Radio. In addition to these programs listed below, we are also considering adding other locally produced programs as our monthly support allows. 

Jeffry Zagaria, host of “Praise You Lord,” is one of the cornerstones of many Catholic Radio Stations. Every week, Jeffery contributes his time and talents to producing this special one-hour music and praise broadcast.

“Praise You Lord” is an underground praise and worship gospel music show. The show features Christian performing artist who have full control of their own publishing rights. “Praise Your Lord” is a voice for the inspirational music as well as personal interviews, testimonies, new released, and even concert information.

“Praise you Lord” is heard on WPBV Radio Saturdays at 6:00 PM, and Sundays at Noon and 6:00 PM.

Host Jeffery Zagaria has been a re-committed Catholic Christian since 1992. After leaving the church in his late teens, he had a personal revelation which led him back to the Church in his early twenties. Since that time Jeffery has been active in his Catholic Christian community. He is also a professional musician, electrical engineer, and singer-songwriter. Jeffery Zagaria owns and operates an online vocal and music academy, as well as a state-of-the-art recording studio.

Jeffery is the owner and operator of the Zagaria Vocal Academy.